Valparaiso, January 2015.

street art and murals on buildings in valparaiso in chile, amazing graffiti and tags and throws, public space take over
A view to kill for! Valparaiso, January 2015.

Valparaiso is Chiles most important harbor, one of the oldest towns in Chile, built almost entirely on the surrounding hills, it’s location chosen strategically to bring in trade and to defend the capital in colonial times. The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get here is by bus from Santiago. A round-trip ticket is about 10 US dollars, or 6500 pesos. Take the bus at the central bus terminal in Santiago, Terminal Alameda on Avenida Liber Bernardo O’ Higgings right by the subway station Universidad de Santiago, Line 1. The bus ride is about 2 – 3 hours and you don’t have to reserve your ticket in advance, buses leave every 30 minutes so there’s room for spontaneity. You can also take the bus to Viña del Mar and take a bus, taxi or tram to Valparaiso. Viña del Mar is the town next to Valparaiso, nowadays the two towns are barely separated, although they are very different in architecture and vibe. Viña is like Valparaisos boring older sibling.

great public space take over by ella pitt in valparaiso in chile, street art and graffiti, tags and throws
Fun and detailed mural by Ella Pitr in Valparaiso.

Valparaiso is bigger than one would think, and it’s definitely worth checking all of it out, not only the most touristy parts. A tram goes by the coastline from the harbor (Puerto) all the way to Viña del Mar. You pay for the tram either by buying a rechargeable card or single tickets at the stations. It’s cheaper to buy a card and charge it with 6000 pesos, around 10 US dollars than buying singles. That will get you 3-4 trips depending on the time of day, it’s more expensive on peak traffic hours. Blip your card when entering the platform and then again when exiting, to be able to get out of the station. By the tram stations of Puerto and Bellavista you’ll find some great spots and most working elevators to the hills. By the Barón station you’ll find a huge mall and supermarket, they sell everything you might need and there’s loads of ATM’s from different international banks if you have trouble with regular ATM’s. Otherwise the ATM’s are the same as in Santiago and you shouldn’t have any trouble with VISA or MasterCard.

street art and graffiti in valparaiso in chile, tags and throws, public space take over
It’s not the photo that’s crooked, it’s the whole town! Valparaiso, January 2015.

The flat part of Valparaiso is the area closest to the coastline. Here you’ll find most of the shops and grocery stores, the area around Plaza Sotomayor is charming and full of cafés and restaurants. If you’re in need of great coffee, try Melbourne Café on the corner of Errazuriz and Sotomayor, cozy spot and super friendly staff. In the area around Mercado Puerto you’ll be able to get good lunch deals on local specialties like fish and seafood, simple restaurants but really great food!

abandoned ruins with street art and graffiti on them in valparaiso in chile, public space take over, tags and throws
Abandoned ruins with art on them… be still my heart! Valparaiso, Puerto.

From Plaza Sotomayor you’re only a couple of blocks from the elevator (Ascensor) El Peral, the best one to take up to Cerro Alegre. There are several elevators to use, although they are old so sometimes they’re closed for repairs. You have to check them out even if they are closed though, there’s loads of graff on the walls around them!

By the highway from Viña del Mar to Valparaiso full of street art and graffiti and tags and throws
By the highway from Viña del Mar to Valparaiso.
By the tram tracks at Barón station in valparaiso full of graffiti, public space take over with street art and tags and throws
By the tram tracks at Barón station, Valparaiso.
another Ella Pitr mural by Plaza Anibal Pinto
Another Ella Pitr by Plaza Anibal Pinto, gorgeous!
graffiti and tags and throws, street art
By the Bellavista tram station, Valparaiso.
bombed wall with graffiti and tags and throws and roll ups and street art
Bombed and bombed! January 2015.
public space take over in valparaiso in chile with walls full of graffiti and tags and throws and great street art with murals
Brick walls, perfect for public space take over!
By the highway from Viña to Valparaiso there is loads of amazing graffiti from writers from all over the world, street art and public space take over and tags and throws
By the highway from Viña to Valparaiso, January 2015.


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