This is me.

I’m a traveler, I get restless when I don’t move around and I won’t stop until I’ve seen every corner of this amazing world.

I’m a photographer, mostly because I love sharing all the beauty I find with those who don’t get to experience it with me.

I’m a lover, and all types of art makes my heart beat faster.

I started All You See Is Crime In the City as an Instagram account in september of 2013, I’d collected photos of art on the streets for years and wanted a platform to share them with people, other than my friends and family. I think my interest in what we today call street art came from my very firm belief that the public spaces and walls in our cities should belong to it’s people and not huge companies with piles of cash. People have been writing on walls since we could stand straight, wether it be drawings of our surroundings or political stands in societies where you could get killed for speaking against the government. I applaud the artists who challenge us by covering our streets with tags, posters, stickers, murals, burners etc. When cellphones started to have cameras in them I started snapping what I saw and the last couple of years I picked up a camera again, suddenly my passions in life combined. My goal is to document the worlds largest art collection, one street at the time. I hope you enjoy this page as much as I enjoy filling it!