street art and murals on buildings in valparaiso in chile, amazing graffiti and tags and throws, public space take over

Valparaiso, January 2015.

Valparaiso is Chiles most important harbor, one of the oldest towns in Chile, built almost entirely on the surrounding hills, it’s location chosen strategically to bring in trade and to defend the capital in colonial times. The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get here is by bus from Santiago. A round-trip ticket is about […]

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breathtaking mural in valparaiso in chile, public space take over, street art and graffiti, graff and tags and throws

Valparaiso, the hills.

When people talk about Valparaiso, or Valpo as the locals call the town, people talk about the hills. The architecture is mostly colonial, but there’re also more modern houses mixed with shacks, where the poorest live, there’re gorgeous renovated, colorful houses next to worn down buildings. Hostels and boutique hotels, luxurious restaurants with an amazing […]

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