Hin Bus Depot Art Centre, Penang. February 2014.

gorgeous and detailed mural by artist ernest zacharevic  at the him bus depot art center in georgetown in penang, street art, graffiti, public space take over,
Breathtaking mural at the Hin Bus Depot by Zacharevic. Penang, February 2014.

By a fluke accident, I got to Penang on the last day of Ernest Zacharevics solo exhibition. The show was held at one of the most creative and beautiful venues I’ve visited; the Hin Bus Depot, an old abandoned bus garage that has been turned into an art gallery and café.

Asia2014-69_SnapseedThe combination of art and the old walls is magical, if you’re ever in Penang, this is a must see place!

the him bus art depot center in penang in malaysia, street art, graffiti, public space take over

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