My dear hometown – Stockholm.

view from skinnaviksberget in stockholm in sweden, street art, graffiti, public space take over
Skinnarviksberget, Stockholm. April 2014.

I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. A gorgeous city built on some islands in the archipelago of the lake Mälaren. A pretty old city, where the oldest parts date back to the middle of the 13th century. During my youth, up until just a couple of months ago, Stockholm was labeled by the government a zero tolerance city towards all form of public space take over. That means no graffiti, street art, posters or even stickers where permitted, everything buffed or taken down within 24 hours. In my humble opinion, that’s just crazy! Of course there where never enough resources to take everything down, so I do have some photos of great art in my city – and now that the zero tolerance is finally gone – expect a lot of greatness in the future!

Hop louie wheat paste in södermalm in stockholm, street art, graffiti, public space take over
A pretty lady by the swedish artist Hop Louie. Södermalm, Stockholm, May 2014.

One of my absolute favorite neighborhoods in Stockholm is Södermalm. It’s actually one big island and it’s by far the most public space taken over part of the city, it’s bohemian and cozy and awesome! I would recommend staying in a hostel or hotel here. A lot of people started renting out their apartments on AirBnB lately so that’s also worth checking out. Look for a place to stay close to the subway stations Medborgarplatsen, Skanstull, Slussen, Mariatorget, Zinkensdamm or Hornstull and you’ll be super central in a great part of Stockholm. The easiest way of getting around this city is by subway, even though public transport isn’t cheap its definitely the cheapest option, cabs and car rentals are very expensive and not necessary since Stockholm is a relatively small city. You can buy a rechargeable metrocard in any station or kiosk, you can buy for 1 trip or for several days, up to you. The subway stations are marked with a big T outside, since subway in swedish is “Tunnelbana”.  Of course, the best way of getting around is walking, my favorite as you know, and also, free! And oh, come visit us in spring or summer, May to September, or you’ll be very cold!

vita bergs parken på södermalm i stockholm, street art, graffiti, public space take over
The Vita Bergs Park in Södermalm, Stockholm. March 2014.

The area around Vita Bergsparken is beautiful and full of cozy cafés, great restaurants, awesome small shops and of course, lots of street art! For a coffee break I recommend Il Caffe on Södermannagatan 23, the have free wifi and the best coffee around! Right next door is a great store called Grandpa and another one Coctail, both have fun interior decorating and nicknacks! On Åsögatan 124 is one of the best sneaker stores in Europe, Sneakersnstuff and on Åsögatan 132 is the cutest little store that only sells peruvian artisans, Ayni. If you like vintage stuff, you’re in the right place! On the same street is Beyond Retro and two blocks over is Lisa Larsson Second Hand.

For foodies I can strongly recommend restaurant Nytorget 6, that’s both the name of the place and the address, a little pricey but damn the food is good! Close by is also Gildas on Skånegatan 79 and String on Nytorgsgatan 38, both nice cafés.

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