Copenhagen, September 2014.

colorful graffiti and street art covered building in nørrebro in copenhagen
A park in Nørrebro, colorful and inspiring! September 2014.
tags and throws on brick wall in public park in copenhagen, street art, graffiti
If there has to be a brick wall in a park, cover it with art! September 2014.

Copenhagen is truly a great example of what could happen in a city where graffiti and street art is not constantly at war with the politicians and property owners. It’s a city where the public space is pretty close to free to the people of Copenhagen, parks and buildings are decorated with all types of art, this makes for a fantastic art gallery all over the city! This is the stuff that make my heart skip a beat, I’m a firm believer that we, the people of the world, would be much happier if our surroundings where covered in art instead of advertisement.

huge beautiful mural in copenhagen, street art, graffiti
Perfect mural on an otherwise boring building! September, 2014.

A great neighborhood in Copenhagen is Kødbyen. It’s all cute cobblestone mixed with industrial meatpacking wear houses. Very nice for nightlife! A lot of great bars, restaurants and clubs, or do what I did, hang out in a parking lot with amazing people and drink cheap can beer! If you don’t feel like doing that however, here are some great spots, of course, tested and approved by yours truly: Verdens Cafe Mandela on 9, Onkel Dannys Plads – great burgers, and everything is eco friendly! Patepate on Slagterboderne 1 – good Mediterranean food and yummy cocktails! There’s also an nice art gallery here, the V1 Gallery on Flæsketorvet 69 – all types of contemporary art!

Tags in Copenhagen, always cover everything and almost always GREAT! September 2014.

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