Cambodia, February 2014.

Otres beach mural in cambodia, street art, public space take over, graffiti
Blue on blue, compliments the beach perfectly! Otres, February 2014.

I didn’t find much street art in Cambodia… But I did find amazing beaches, wonderful people and beautiful sunsets. Cambodia is a magical place where I always manage to find peace in my heart and mind. If you are traveling the region I strongly recommend passing by. My favorite spot is this quiet, tiny piece of beach outside of the town Sihanoukville, Otres. You can get to Sihanoukville by bus from Thailand, Vietnam or Phnom Penh, the bus from Phnom Penh leaves from the central station 6 times a day and costs about 10 US dollars. You will not need to have local currency, you can pay in US dollars everywhere, 1 Dollar is 4000 Riel, and you will get your change back in Riel. From the bus station in Sihanoukville you take a Tuk-Tuk to Otres beach and walk the short strip of hostels and guesthouses to find a room or bed. My favorites are Papa Pipo at the end of the beach, Mushroom point and Wish you where here. Stay a couple of days, read, buy fresh fruit from the locals on the beach, sleep in the hammocks, enjoy!

holy cow mural in otres beach in cambodia, street art, graffiti
There’s holy cows everywhere in Cambodia, even on walls!
street art in sihanoukville in cambodia, public space take over, graffiti
Strange little symbol I found all over Sihanoukville. Cambodia, February 2014.

I can also strongly recommend Siem Reap in the northern parts of Cambodia. The town itself isn’t super exiting but this is where you can stay if you want to see the amazing temple city of Angkor. Rent a bike and get to Angkor before the sun comes up, 5 am or so. You can go by Tuk-Tuk also, if you’re not feeling up to biking the whole day. When in Angkor, start by watching the sun rise at Angkor Wat and then visit all the other temples. It’s absolutely magical!

the magical city of angkor in  CAMBODIA, street art, graffiti
The magical city of Angkor, Cambodia January 2014.

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